“Goat debate gotta end”: Dwight Howard Believes LeBron James’s Victory over Nuggets will be decisive

The Lakers suffered a setback in the Western Conference playoffs, losing to the Nuggets in a close game where Jamal Murray’s buzzer-beater secured a 101-99 win for Denver at the Ball Arena.

Following the setback, Dwight Howard, the former center for the LA Lakers, shared his opinion on the NFL GOAT debate. He believes that if LeBron James, a four-time NBA champion, can lead the Lakers to victory against the Denver Nuggets, it will settle the GOAT debate between James and Michael Jordan.

Howard took to Twitter to express his thoughts: “If the Lakers pull this off this year, GOAT debates gotta end!”

Anthony Davis led the Lakers in the game with 32 points and 11 rebounds, while James contributed 26 points, 12 assists, and eight rebounds. Despite D’Angelo Russell’s 23 points, the Lakers couldn’t overcome the Nuggets, with Jamal Murray sealing the win with a game-winning shot.

Does LeBron James deserve the NBA GOAT debate over Jordan?

The ongoing debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James continues to intensify, especially with LeBron James showing excellent skills despite his age and achieving significant milestones while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

James’ comprehensive playing time, with 400 more regular-season games than Jordan, highlights his continuing impact in basketball. He has surpassed Jordan in scoring by over 8,000 points and boasts more than 4,300 additional rebounds. His scoring power and exceptional playmaking ability set James apart, with 11,000 assists compared to Jordan’s 5,633.

While Jordan leads in points per game at 30.1 compared to James’ 27.1, James excels in rebounds (7.5 to 6.2), assists (7.4 to 5.3), field goal percentages (50.5% to 49.7%), and 3-point percentages (34.7% to 32.7%). These statistics show his versatility and impact across various aspects of the game, making a clear case for his GOAT status in basketball.

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