Grizzlies’ Ja Morant responds to Draymond Green’s “Are you still fine in the west” remark

The Boston Celtics are still the NBA ones to defeat, according to Ja Morant.

In a December encounter with ESPN’s Malika Andrews, the Memphis Grizzlies superstar was questioned about which clubs in the league he thought posed the greatest threat to his team’s success this year. Legendarily, Morant dismissed the Warriors and other rivals from the Western Conference by referring to the Celtics.

“I’m fine in the West,” Morant informed Andrews.

In the middle of a troubling losing streak for the Grizzlies and following a busy NBA trade time limit, where several Western Conference groups benefited from historic trades like the Phoenix Suns’ acquisition of Kevin Durant and the Dallas Mavericks’ acquisition of Kyrie Irving, Morant’s remarks reappeared on February 8.

As a sideline observer for TBS’ NBA All-Star Game coverage on Sunday, Warriors player Draymond Green questioned Morant on if he and the Grizzlies are still “fine in the West” during the match.

Morant was questioned by Green in the fourth quarter, “[Teams] got better at the trade deadline. Are you still ‘fine in the West,’ and which teams are you looking at now and saying, ‘That team has to be reckoned with?’ “


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