“He is not 10, bull sh*t” NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal reveals how being 6.4ft at young age led to many awkward situations

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest NBA players of all time- throughout his career, he played nineteen seasons representing six teams with outstanding achievements of becoming an MVP, playing fifteen all-star games and finally becoming a part of the Hall of Fame in 2016.

Since his childhood, Shaq was influenced by his father to participate in different sports, and having an enormous height, Big Shamrock loved to play basketball. O’Neal is one of the tallest basketball players in the world with a gigantic outlook, Shaquille stands at 7-foot-1-inch (2.16 m), and even while growing up, Shaq was taller than the average kid. 

In a recent podcast with IMPAULSIVE, the “Big man” revealed some incidents about his childhood and how his father taught him everything he knows, which led him to become the man he is today. While talking about his childhood, O’Neal mentioned in age ten- he was 6-foot-4-inches tall and very noticeably different from his friends and playmates; having the upper hand, he would always win in basketball games, and the parents of his friends and competitors would not believe him to be a ten-year-old. On a similar occasion, once a man claimed Shaq was lying about his age, and if he were just ten years old, he would become the greatest baseball player in the world. 

What exactly did Shaquille say?

“My father taught me all sports, you know, boxing, football, baseball, basketball. So, we beat this team one time, like a 100-4 … And I remember this kid, his father running on the court – bad and upset. He said, ‘No way this kid is 10. If he’s 10, he’s going to be the best basketball player ever,” Shaquille said while recalling his childhood. 

What had transpired afterwards?

Eventually, Big Shamrock proved that man right and became one of the greatest basketball players. Shaq is “rough and tough” in the playing arena, destroying all his opponents. However, the “Big man” also has a soft corner and is spotted on multiple occasions helping people who are in need.  

Becoming one of the richest and finest basketball players, O’neal looks back to his many awkward childhood situations and can only laugh!

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