“Him scoring was getting a stop”: Jamal Crawford crowns Tony Allen as toughest defender he ever faced

Jamal Crawford has been one of the best offensive players we have seen in the NBA. Known for his clutch plays and quick scoring, Crawford, in his prime, was a force to be reckoned with.

Recently, Crawford talked about his experience in the league and named some of the biggest challenges he had to face in his long career, spanning over two decades.

Jamal Crawford names Tony Allen as toughest defender he played against

Recently, in an appearance on ‘The Big Podcast’ with Shaq, Jamal Crawford was asked which individual defender was the biggest challenge for him. To which he said, “Tony Allen.”

Crawford added, “He didn’t care about scoring. His scoring was getting a stop, so he took pride in that. He never expended any energy on offense; it was all defense.”

Crawford also talked about Allen’s defense, saying, “And the thing about it is every defender has a weakness. You just gotta figure it out, and it took me time and time [to learn Allen’s defense]. As good as he is on the ball, he starts ball-watching if you get the ball up.”

Crawford further added, “So I would pass and just stand and move, and he would still be looking at the ball. I’d be over there, so I figured that out about him, that’s how I start getting more points because he was so good when he was actually guarding me.”

Jamal Crawford
Jamal Crawford via Getty.

The 2018 NBA Teammate of the year also had few things to say about the Los Angeles Lakers and their squad selection for the upcoming season.

Jamal Crawford suggests Lakers to trade Anthony Davis

The 44-year-old former guard said that the Los Angeles Lakers need to find a player who can step up for them when LeBron is unavailable due to injury or rest. “My thing is, if LeBron’s still your best player at this point, I’m looking to trade Anthony Davis,” the 3-time Sixth Man of the Year awardee said on ‘The Big Podcast’ with Shaq.

Crawford went on to add that trading Anthony Davis could be beneficial for the Lakers and get them players who could complement James well. According to him, Kyrie Irving is a good option for the Lakers. J-Crossover said, “If they can get a Kyrie Irving type who can just take over quarters and be that Kobe to Shaq when stuff’s in trouble, I got to take it over, that’s what LeBron needs.”

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham should seriously consider JC’s advice, as Ham has been criticized for his trading decisions many times before. The Lakers are currently on the 9th spot of the Western Conference standings with a 41-32 win-loss record, and need a hot winning streak if they want to make it to the playoffs.

Do you think the Lakers will make it to the playoffs? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!


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