HOFer weighs in on “overrated” Jets CB Sauce Gardner’s online feud with NFL veteran Asante Samuel

New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner found himself caught up in a heated online feud with Detroit Lions star C.J. Gardner-Johnson and former New England Patriots defender Asante Samuel. 

The dispute centered around Gardner’s skills and his alleged overrating due to playing in a major media market. Darrelle Revis also jumped into this heated argument defending the Jet’s cornerback. He called out those calling Gardner overrated and advised them to focus on their careers.

Asante Samuel’s tale on Sauce Gardner’s abilities

The dispute started when ESPN published a list of NFL cornerbacks in which Gardner was ranked second.  Asante Samuel commented that Gardner got this rank just because of New York Media’s influence.

Sauce Gardner

Both Garner Johnson and Asante Samuel claimed that Sauce Gardner is overrated. They said that Gardner is getting all this fame and recognition because of the city he is playing in. 

Meanwhile, Gardner dismissed Gardner-Johnson’s comments. He replied,  “The tweet literally says those were the cornerback rankings by PLAYERS, EXECUTIVES, SCOUTS, & COACHES… I’m trynna figure out why you keep bringing up NY Media.”

He defended himself by emphasizing that he didn’t get the second rank because of New York media and the votes were authentic. 

Asante Samuel’s beef with Darrelle Revis and Sauce Gardner

Amid this dispute, Darrelle Revis also came forward to defend Gardner. Revis disagreed with the notion that playing in New York automatically boosts a player’s reputation and defended the cornerback against the criticism. 

Sauce Gardner

“Quit being a hater when it comes to young rising stars @ the cornerback position,” Revis said as he defended Gardner. “Be mad @ the voters who never considered you shutdown.”

It shows that Revis thinks highly of Gardner and recognizes that the success the cornerback is getting is because of his hard work. Later, Gardner himself stopped this long argument by saying, “It’s enough room on this Earth for everybody to eat.” 

It is clear that the cornerback is optimistic about his future with the Jets. The disputes like these don’t affect him. As the new season begins, it will be exciting to see how well he will perform and whether will he be able to prove his worth to his doubters.


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