How many times has LeBron James lost in the Finals? Exploring NBA Finals record of King James

When players like LeBron James goes through failures on the court, the saying that there is no unmixed blessing in the world keeps floating around our mind. However, failures and victories are integral parts of sports and only legends like King James make a perfect balance between the two.

So, with that notion, let’s discover LeBron’s losing records.

Who did LeBron James lose to in the NBA Finals?

LeBron James started his journey as a professional basketball player through the 2003 NBA draft and won four times NBA championships till now. Besides having successful career tenure, he had to savor the bitterness of failure sometimes.

The Los Angeles Lakers stars lose six times during the finals. Among the losing record, he lost thrice to Golden Gate Warriors, two times to San Antonio Spurs, and finally, one time to the Dallas Mavericks.

Does LeBron have the most Finals losses?

King James has made appearances in ten NBA finals as of the present time and bagged the crown of victory four times and bear the brunt of failure six times. Moreover, with 33 losses, he made the losing record for most NBA final-game losses.

Which team has the most losses in NBA Finals history?

When talking about some of the most dominating NBA teams pronouncing the name of the Los Angeles Lakers is a must as the team has bagged the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy about 17 times. However, it has made a record in losing too.

With the stigma of 15 losses, this team has acquired the position of most losses in NBA finals history.

Undoubtedly, LeBron James is the best basketball player of the decade and very few players ever be able to smash the empire of records that he has created. Who is the better player between James and Michael Jordan? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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