How Nikola Jokic taunt ex-Nuggets star Mike Miller after winning NBA Title? Exploring Joker’s hilarious dig

The name Nikola Jokic is well-known to basketball aficionados all across the world. His ascent to popularity is nothing short of spectacular, and he is regarded as one of the best players in the NBA. The 11-time NBA Player of the Week may not be very outspoken in the media, but his teammates can all attest to “The Joker’s” wicked sense of humor.

NBA Champion Mike Miller and Former Sixth Man of the Year recently shared a humorous Jokic tale on a podcast.

Nikola Jokic mocks Mike Miller with a playful dig

For the first two seasons of Nikola Jokic’s NBA career, he played with Mike Miller for the Nuggets. Although Jokic was just emerging as a future star, the NBA sharpshooter was near the end of his career. The two grew close and maintained contact throughout the years, even though Miller left the NBA in 2017. Nikola has since won two MVP awards, a championship, and an NBA Finals MVP.

Jokic apparently enjoys it when Miller picks on him, while the typically reticent Serbian big man doesn’t seem to mind. That changed lately when 6-time NBA Player of the Month made the decision to retaliate against Miller in the dead of night.

Recently, he told the tale on a podcast, and since then, the video has gained considerable popularity. Miller continued by explaining how Jokic earned his moniker “The Joker” and how he foresaw this being the best Nuggets player ever.

“I wake up to a text at 3:30 in the morning from Joker… ‘Hey brother, you ever won MVP? Or Finals MVP,’” Miller reminisced. “‘No, I haven’t,’ he replied. ‘You kinda sucked, didn’t ya?’”

Take a look at the full show here:

Did Jokic win MVP in 2023?

Superstar Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets had a retroactively outstanding playoff run that resulted in a title and Finals MVP honors. Nikola has set several records during his career, yet some who think Denver had an easy road to the title continue to cast doubt on him.

“We succeeded in our jobs, and we won the whole thing,” Jokic declared. “It’s an amazing feeling. It’s a good feeling when you know you did something that nobody believes, and it’s just us. It’s just the organization, [the] Denver Nuggets believing in us, every player believing in each other.”

Nikola Jokic

“The Joker” just became the 11th player in NBA history to win multiple MVP awards as well as the championship in 2023, becoming the first player in playoff history to lead the league in total points (600), total assists (186), and, total rebounds (269). The Olympic Silver Medal winner remarkably won all 11 of the media panel’s votes in deciding who would get the Bill Russell Trophy.

Nikola also holds the record for the most triple-doubles in a single postseason run, becoming the first center to do so since “MayorMcShaq” back in 2002. All in all, in addendum to being an extremely gifted basketball player, Nikola Jokic indeed is a down-to-earth celebrity with a superb sense of humor.

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