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“I don’t play that game” Stephen Curry responds being dragged to adverse situation comparison with Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia

Stephen Curry and Britney Griner

Stephen Curry is on the way of fetching his fourth NBA title with the Golden State Warriors. The battle is already on and the third Game of the Finals is set to be Tomorrow at TD Garden. Amidst the hefty schedule, the two-time MVP seems not less aware of the situation that Brittney Griner is facing in Russia.

Britney Griner’s detention is Russia marked its 111th day on Wednesday since the Mercury star’s arrest in Russia after the Russian law-enforcing agency found vape cartridges containing hashish oil in her luggage. Britney was arrested in last February at Sheremetyevo International Airport near Moscow while she was trying to enter Russia where she plays professionally.

Since then, the WNBA star has been on the headlines and she is now serving the detention in Russia while awaiting for a trial.

Britney Grinner

Britney Grinner at a Court Corridor in Russia (Photo: Collected)

The US officials continues to push that she was detained illegally and leaving no stone unturned to get her back in home. People inside and outside basketball also been verbal over the Russian authorities taking the side of Britney. Steph Curry being no exception made his time to speak up for the WNBA star.

Avoiding the charges of being in the NBA Finals, the Dubs guard Stephen Curry took the time to talk about Griner with ESPN’s Malika Andrews demanding the safety and bringing her back to the US.

Curry termed the Griner’s detention as a “tragedy” and an “unfortunate” situation that needs to be changed. Curry continues saying:

“She needs to be home, she needs to be safe, she needs to be with her family.”

Curry says he is not liking playing right now and pledges that everyone’s focus should be on her getting home back.

“I don’t like to play the game right now it’s just about getting her home.”

Curry continues saying: “Everybody joining that front to make sure she is talked about and all hands are on deck and all resources are thrown at getting her home as soon as possible.”

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