“I had a heart scare” Ex-Cardinals DE J.J Watt drops bombshell truth behind his retirement decision

J.J Watt was a fan-favorite defensive end of the NFL. After the player retired last year, his fans were left in tears and wanted him to make a comeback. His return to the NFL is very unlikely as he now clarifies why he initially called to retire. 

The major reasons for his retirement are tied to his family and health issues which are both interconnected. Even if he played with his severe health condition, it would not make much difference. Rather, it would just risk his chances of survival. 

Earlier this week, Pardon My Take featured the former star defensive end on the show, where J.J Watt revealed the truth behind his retirement. 

What did J.J Watt say in the interview?

In the show, J.J expressed that he learned about his health condition after attending a meeting just after practice. He was feeling light-headed and had some sensations in his heart.

When it repeatedly happened on the second day, he became concerned and went to see the team trainer. After checking his heart pulse, the trainer suggested the defensive end see a doctor, which “scared the sh*t out of” Watt, J.J said. 

Afterward, it became a staircase routine for the 33-year-old as getting sent to the team doctor, Watt was further suggested to see a cardiologist. The cardiologist viewed the condition of J.J, and he did not have good news and wanted to send him to a specialist. With so many suggestions from the health team, Watt became even more frightened. The specialist could not help him much and sent the athlete to another doctor. 

Even though the final results were not much concerning, Watt chose to retire since he is a “professional athlete,” and has more chances of risking his life than others. Thinking about his family and wanting to spend time with his son Koa, J.J chose to retire.

Later, his wife, Kealia Ohai, also confirmed to the People saying, “I think that there were obviously many things that went into his decision. I know he wanted to be with Koa. The way it worked out, it was just the perfect time and it couldn’t have been better for us and Koa.”

Not listening to fans, J.J Watt might not have returned to football. However, it was the right thing to do. Now that J.J is with his family, they can spend their time in “peace.”


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