“I hate that people compare the two” Clippers’ star Paul George reluctant to weigh in on Michael Jordan-LeBron James GOAT debate

After Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James broke Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s all-time scoring record, the GOAT comparison started between him and Michael Jordan all over again.

Michael Jordan was hailed to be the ultimate goat of the NBA’s history without any dispute. However, for the last several years’ performance of Lebron James, the NBA community is now seriously lifting him onto the podium as the ultimate goat.

In this context, Los Angeles Clippers star small forward Paul George joined the debate but delivered an unpopular opinion on this agenda.

What did Paul George say in the GOAT debate?

The 32-year-old became somewhat annoyed when it came to his deliberation on the goat debate. James or Jordan? The star didn’t agree to take a side with either of them and said, “I hate that people compare the two.”

“I don’t ever want to just say one is better than the other because, to be honest, MJ wasn’t asked to do what LeBron is asked to do. Different game, different styles, different positions,” he continued. “LeBron’s not asked to do what Jordan does. So it’s hard to debate the two and say who is the GOAT.”

“If MJ knew that there was this LeBron specimen coming, he definitely would have been like, ‘Alright, I ain’t taking no years off. We’re going to keep elevating this,” George concluded.

Fans like me tend to stick with their one idol from childhood and keep supporting him no matter what. With that said, we can’t deny the phenomenon LeBron created in his 19-year NBA career.

The four-time NBA champion might not have reached the popularity level of His Airness, but we have to consider the change in culture and environment in America’s sports industry.

No matter who our favorite player is, we need to appreciate every legend’s contribution to our entertainment. This is the least we can do as fans. There will be a time when we will regret not being able to watch Lebron’s game anymore, just as we do about Michael’s.

Who’s your GOAT? Do you agree with Paul George? Let us know in the comments.

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