“I Like Physicality” Jimmy Butler Drops Truth Bomb of Liking Aggressive Style of Basketball

Jimmy Butler had a dominant performance to lead the way, as Miami Heat faced one of the best defense in NBA from The Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals. He reminded people how tough he is and how he likes to challenge opponents.  Luckily Miami grabbed its way with them with a 118-107 victory.

Miami Heat was falling behind in the first half and seemed to be the Heat wouldn’t be able to penetrate Boston’s vaunted defense at some point. But Miami came aggressive in the third quarter, going on a devastating 22-2 run to take control of the game.

Following the Miami’s un-HEAT defense in the first half , the Celtics hit some tough shots to pull ahead. but that they were 16-of-20 at the rim for 42 points in the paint which includes run outs in transition was worth a raised eyebrow or two.

The Heat players were facing tremendous block from the Celtics. which Jimmy butler addressed as “I like physicality, I want to run into people and see who falls down first. I want to see who quits first.”

The Heat star Jimmy Butler was in his masterclass yesterday as he scored 41 points on 12 of 19 shooting from the field and 17 of 18 from the free throw line, nine rebounds, five assists, four steals and three blocks.

Many thinks that Butler is a little unselfish for his own good, claiming he tries to let his teammates get themselves going early in games to the detriment of his own game.

Jimmy Butler

But on Monday’s game the case was different. Butler left nothing to chance, and as a result, the Heat have drawn first blood in what should shape up as a classic knock down, drag out Eastern Conference matchup. Game 2 will be on Thursday before the two squads head to New England for Game 3 on Saturday.


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