“I’ll miss the guys” Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers makes shocking statement amid retirement rumors

For quite some time, rumors about Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers have been circulating. As he’s emphasized before, Rodgers is going to take some time to get away, ponder whether he wants to continue playing, and discuss with the Packers where the organization stands. His recent statement fueled that anticipation once again in a press conference.

Rodger stated, “I think I need to get away and contemplate those things. Those are real to me. I have a lot of pride in what I’ve accomplished in this league but I’m also a realist and I understand where we’re at as a team. We’re a young team, there could be some changes with some of the older guys and it could be time to step away. But I could take some time and say hell no, man, I need to get back out there and go on another run. But I’ll have to see what it feels like once I’m away from it.”

This season was “frustrating at times,” but it was also filled with “beautiful moments” and “life lessons,” according to Rodgers. The offense was going through a big adjustment without All-Pro receiver Davante Adams, and the growing pains of young guys were visible.

Rodgers was asked what he would miss the most if this was his final game at Lambeau Field. He indicated that he would miss his regular encounters with the media, as well as the intriguing questions they would pose. “I’ll miss the guys, I’ll miss the fans,” he remarked after a little pause. Rodgers abruptly ended the news conference and seemed to leave with a heavy heart.

Despite the ups and downs, Rodgers ended up throwing 12 interceptions in 2020-21, the most since his first season as a starter in 2008. His 91.1 passer rating was a career low, as he failed to pass for 300 yards for the first time in his career.

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3 thoughts on ““I’ll miss the guys” Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers makes shocking statement amid retirement rumors”

  1. So what’s new, it is getting old it is the same retirement crap we have been hearing for the past few years. I don’t really think he misses his team mates it is all about the publicity. He loves it almost to a fault. He loves having his face plastered all over the TV or wherever he can make something up to get his face in the public eye. It is time to grow up and get on with whatever chapter it is you are thinking about.


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