“I’ve helped grow women’s basketball this year” Angel Reese shares candid thoughts after LSU’s National Championship title win vs Iowa

LSU’s Angel Reese faced backlash on social media for doing John Cena’s “You can’t see me” gesture during the team’s national title win over Iowa. While some praised Reese’s moxie, many criticized her for being “classless” and making the gesture while Iowa was on the brink of defeat.

Reese defended herself against the criticism, arguing that it was tied to who she is as a person and that she had faced similar critiques all year. She stated that she doesn’t fit into the box that people want her to be in and that she has been called “too hood” or “too ghetto” by others. Reese later posted a picture of her gesture on social media, doubling down on her actions.

She further stated “So this was for the girls that look like me, that’s going to speak up on what they believe in. It’s unapologetically you. That’s what I did it for tonight. It was bigger than me tonight. It was bigger than me. Twitter is going to go on a rage every time, and I’m happy. I feel like I’ve helped grow women’s basketball this year. I’m super happy and excited. So I’m looking forward to celebrating in the next season.”

However, Iowa’s Caitlin Clark, the player Reese was allegedly taunting, said that she had “no idea” Reese was doing the gesture and was focused on getting to the handshake line to be grateful that her team was in that position.

The incident raises questions about how athletes express themselves during games and whether certain gestures or actions are considered disrespectful. While some may view Reese’s gesture as taunting, others may argue that it’s just a part of the competitive nature of sports.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide what is appropriate behavior on the court or field. However, it’s important to remember that athletes are human beings with emotions and may express themselves in different ways. As fans, we should strive to appreciate and respect their talents, regardless of their background or style of play.

The Stellar Performance and Record-Breaking Stats of Angel Reese Highlight Her Impact on Women’s Basketball

Angel Reese, LSU’s sophomore forward, has been named the NCAA women’s tournament Most Outstanding Player following the team’s national championship win over Iowa. Reese was instrumental in the victory, contributing 15 points and 10 rebounds while setting an NCAA record with her 34th double-double of the season. She finished the tournament with impressive averages of 21.3 points and 15.2 rebounds per game.

Reese’s celebratory “you can’t see me” gesture directed at Iowa’s Caitlin Clark has also become an iconic image of the season. Despite the loss, Clark still managed to score 30 points and eight assists while battling through foul trouble.

Angel Reese

Reese attributed the team’s success to their collective effort, highlighting the contributions of players like Sa’Myah Smith and Jasmine Carson. The win marks LSU’s first women’s national championship.

Reese expressed her excitement and gratitude after the game, saying that nobody had expected them to win but they believed in each other. She is now a champion and the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player, and her “you can’t see me” gesture may have secured her a spot in basketball trash-talk history.

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