Joe Buck describes his “awkward” experience of viewing Super Bowl LVII after departure from FOX last year

Joe Buck watched his first Super Bowl broadcast on Fox Sports without being in the booth since 2002 after switching to ESPN last year.

Michael Kay questioned Buck about how strange it felt to observe the match from the box on Thursday afternoon. He answered in jest, “Who won?”

The veteran play-by-appearance player on “The Michael Kay Show” on ESPN Radio was primarily intended to honor and commemorate his late ex-colleague, the iconic MLB announcer Tim McCarver, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 81.

Kay, nevertheless, was compelled to question Buck about Super Bowl 2023, in which Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen made their Fox Super Bowl broadcasting premieres.

Before the match, Buck, who was in Cabo, acknowledged, “Yeah, I watched [The Super Bowl]. Was it weird? A little bit. Because I think it’s only human nature to go, ‘Nobody can survive if the great Joe Buck isn’t there.’ But everything moves on, and they’ve moved on. And I’ve moved on. And Troy’s moved on. And I think everybody’s happy with what they have and where they are…It’s awkward because you’re not there anymore and I was there for 28 years of my life and did six of those things, but as far as the individuals involved, I couldn’t have been happier.”

Before going to ESPN, the ex-Fox reporter spent 28 years working for the organization. He not only called six Super Bowls but also 24 World Series while working in the booth. Olsen and Burkhardt finally having their moment in the spotlight made Buck pleased.

About the new Fox Super Bowl sports network, Buck stated, “They did a great job, which I knew they would.” He also added, “They were in great hands with Rich Russo, our director, and Richie Zyontz, our producer. And those guys are friends of mine.”

Bucks stated with pride, “I said it at the time when I moved over to ESPN, to get out of the way of somebody like Kevin [Burkhardt] and to get out of the way of somebody like Joe [Davis] on the baseball side, was kind of the untalked about the silver lining. It was something that gave me great pleasure”.


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