Josh Allen, Christian Wilkins get into scuffle during Bills vs Dolphins wild-card game, how things got heated up?

Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback, had a short rage tantrum against the Miami Dolphins, resulting in a pushing match that evolved into a full-fledged incident. The brawl started with little over six minutes left in the second quarter. With the Bills leading 17-3, Allen threw a long interception to Xavien Howard. After Howard’s return, players from both teams began fighting a few yards from where he was tackled.

According to the replays, the incident started after Allen and Wilkins engaged in a pushing struggle following the interception. Wilkins raced up to Allen and pushed him with one hand as Howard returned. Wilkins then spun around to keep Allen from tackling him during the return. Allen didn’t like the push and pushed Wilkins with both hands. Wilkins turned around, and the two began pushing one other. Other Bills players eventually got involved, and Wilkins and a few other players ended up on the ground.

Mitch Morse, a Bills center, came to the rescue. Wilkins and Morse ended up on the ground, surrounded by onlookers, as a result of their fight. Allen gave up the fight when Morse became involved, hoping to avoid punishment. Morse had less luck there than Allen. Both he and Wilkins were given unjustifiable roughness penalties. The Dolphins now have the ball at the 48-yard line thanks to their offset.


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