Justin Jefferson fraternizes with soccer sensation Vinicius Jr. following Brazil visit

 After having a bombastic season, the Viking’s star wide receiver Justin Jefferson enjoyed his time on a trip to Rio De Generio before the beginning of the regular season last week.

However, on the trip, the WR met Vinicius Jr., a legendary soccer player from Brazil who loves to maintain a close friendship with NFL and NBA stars, additionally possessing a stunning collection of autographed NFL jerseys including the Vikings’ wide receiver and many other renowned NFL players and the Brazilian legend shared them in social media.

Vikings Justin Jefferson meets soccer star Vinicius Jr. in Brazil

The Brazilian international has a huge admiration and support for NFL and NBA and one can easily understand the craze as the NFL Brasil accounts covered Justins’ time in the country, with the Viking’s first trip being the iconic “Christ the Redeemer” statue.

 Justin Jefferson

However, Vinicus and Jefferson have a deep bond because they spent a week together in March, during which the wide receiver also toured the Brazilian players’ compound and got to know his colleagues. During his recent trip to Brazil, the NFL player met his Brazilian superstar friend again and saw Flamengo destroy Aucas 4-0 in the club’s final Copa Libertadores group stage game.

Vini Jr. sported Jeffersons’ jersey

Vini is a successful soccer player who has worn the Brazil and Real Madrid jerseys, but he still has an ambition of playing with the best players in North American leagues while wearing their jerseys.

As he collected Jeffersons’ jersey before, the Real Madrid star player did not forget to wear the NFL legends’ jersey while taking part on the net with the WR wearing the pads and helmet. The NFL world as a whole was so moved by the camaraderie of players from two distinct fields and nations that predictions of what would happen if they played for the same team had already started.

Vini and Jefferson are two of the brightest stars in the soccer and football world, making them standouts in their respective fields and encounter has once again highlighted the power of sports to bring people from different backgrounds and disciplines together.


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