Kareem Abdul-Jabbar lifts lid on cold relationship with Lebron James, reveals feelings about his all-time scoring record being broken

The NBA world was in awe on Tuesday night as LeBron James achieved a massive milestone in his basketball career. James became the all-time leading scorer in the league, surpassing the long-standing record of 39 years held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

In a special moment, Abdul-Jabbar walked onto the court to present James with a commemorative basketball after he scored the 38,388th point of his 20-year career.

The 75-year-old NBA legend Abdul-Jabbar responded to the news on Wednesday, saying that he was thrilled to see James become the new number-one scorer. Abdul-Jabbar mentioned that his record being broken does not affect his own achievement and that he is grateful for what he has accomplished. In the past, Abdul-Jabbar might have felt differently about someone breaking his record, but as he has grown older, he has lost his competitive streak. He now views the breaking of major sporting records as a time for celebration, rather than jealousy.

Abdul-Jabbar writes that when someone surpasses a previous record, it means that they have pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible to a whole new level. He believes that when one person climbs higher, it inspires others to be more and feel capable of greater things. He retired from the NBA 34 years ago and now only thinks of his record when someone brings it up.

The news of James becoming the all-time leading scorer in the NBA sparked a lot of buzz on social media, with many speculating about Abdul-Jabbar’s feelings about his record being broken. However, Abdul-Jabbar set the record straight by saying that he was happy for James and that his achievement did not diminish his own.

In conclusion, LeBron James’ achievement of becoming the all-time leading scorer in the NBA was a historic moment and was celebrated by many, including the previous record holder, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Abdul-Jabbar’s response to the news was a testament to his sportsmanship and his belief that the breaking of records should be a time for celebration and inspiration.



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