Kendrick Perkins urges Austin Reaves to demand Lakers trade after Nets loss: “This team ain’t making no damn noise”

In a tough match-up against the black and white, Brooklyn Nets, the purple and gold, Los Angeles Lakers found themselves falling short in the second half, which lead to them suffering a disheartening 130-112 defeat.

Despite the team’s collective effort, they weren’t able to grab a win this time, prompting former NBA star Kendrick Perkins to call out the Lakers’ General Manager, Rob Pelinka, via his X handle, to initiate a few trade talks for their rising star, Austin Reaves.

Kendrick Perkins advises Austin Reaves to demand Lakers trade

Despite LeBron James and Anthony Davis showcasing their offensive prowess with a combined 50 points, the Los Angeles Lakers face another loss, but this time against the Brooklyn Nets who currently stand at the 11th position on the Eastern Conference, while the Lakers remain at the 10th position.

This prompted the former 2012 NBA All-Star player, Kendrick Perkins to voice out his opinions on the Lakers’ management, via X, with special emphasis on the General Manager, Rob Pelinka, to start getting involved for a few trade talks for their 3rd best player, Austin Reaves.

With a very direct and no-nonsense approach, Perkins posted, “Time for Rob Pelinka to start making those calls!!! You see @AustinRivers25 why I told you the other day why this Lakers team ain’t making no damn noise. Just saying tho…”

The Lakers, despite an explosive start with LeBron James looking ageless and a first-half lead, unexpectedly opened the third quarter quite flat, leading to their eventual downfall. The Nets’ dominance in the second half was probably what prompted Perkins to emphasize the need for change within the Lakers’ roster. As trade talks come ahead of the deadline, Perkins’ straightforward message conveys an added layer of questioning on the ongoing speculation surrounding the Lakers’ future star players.

Lakers reportedly not interested in trading Austin Reaves

As the NBA fans and analyst continue to spread trade rumors, the Los Angeles Lakers find themselves at the center of attention as the February 8 deadline approaches quicker than expected. Thought provoking opinions run wild with potential player targets like Dejounte Murray, Collin Sexton, and Bruce Brown emerging on top of the Lakers’ radar.

However, amidst the ongoing and ever-evolving discussions, one name has remained resistant to trade talks, that is none other but the Lakers’ rising star, Austin Reaves. Reaves, the unsung hero of the Lakers’ campaign, has gained attention with his remarkable performance through various clutch games.

The 25-year-old guard, who went undrafted in 2021, has become a keynote player for the Lakers by averaging 15.1 points on the board with 5.2 assists per game. According to sources, the Lakers have communicated their reluctance to part ways with the star guard.

While not officially declaring the rising star as untouchable, Reaves seems to be very “close” to that status. It is evident that the Lakers’ front office, led by their General Manager Rob Pelinka, values him very highly and has little to no interest in trading their underdog.

Currently with a record of 21-21, the Lakers are going through a somewhat disappointing season, and the pressure to secure a playoff spot is boiling hotter after every loss. Thus, the quest for a third star alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis still remains open on the table.

However, unless a blockbuster deal is met, it seems that Austin Reaves is firmly off the trading block. Whether the Lakers trade Reaves or not, the major question for loyal Lakers’ fans is whether that decision, trade or not, will help them clinch a spot in the playoffs.


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