Kevin Hart hilariously claps back at Celtics’ star Jayson Tatum’s post-Sixers game shout out: “I hope you’re proud of yourself”

It was a tough pill to swallow for comedian and Philadelphia 76ers superfan, Kevin Hart, as he watched his beloved team get eliminated by Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics on Sunday. To add insult to injury, Hart found himself in the crosshairs of Tatum’s post-game comments. However, true to his comedic nature, Hart wasted no time in firing back at the Celtics’ star.

In a classic Kevin Hart fashion, the comedian took to Instagram to deliver his response to Tatum’s taunting. “I hope you’re proud of yourself, you f**king a**hole,” Hart playfully jabbed in his post. While the comedian acknowledged Tatum’s right to boast, he couldn’t help but express his frustration as a die-hard Sixers fan.

And indeed, Tatum’s performance in Game 7 was nothing short of spectacular. The young Celtics star led the charge, single-handedly dismantling the Sixers with an unforgettable and historic display. Tallying an impressive 51 points on 17-for-28 shooting, along with 13 rebounds, five assists, two steals, and zero turnovers, Tatum left an indelible mark on the game.

Hart, like many Sixers fans, had no choice but to acknowledge Tatum’s brilliance and the Celtics’ resilience. Boston fought back from a 3-2 series deficit, a feat they had also accomplished the previous year against the Milwaukee Bucks. Eventually, they triumphed over the Miami Heat in a grueling seven-game Eastern Conference Finals showdown, securing their spot in the NBA Finals.

Looking ahead, the Celtics are set to face Jimmy Butler and the Heat once again in this year’s edition of the Eastern Conference Finals. The series is scheduled to commence on Wednesday at TD Garden, setting the stage for another intense battle between two Eastern powerhouses.

While the loss still stings for Kevin Hart and his fellow Sixers fans, the comedian’s witty clap back at Jayson Tatum reminds us all that sports rivalries can bring out the humor even in defeat. Hart’s hilarious response adds a touch of levity to the situation, showcasing his unwavering loyalty to his team and his ability to find laughter amidst disappointment.

Jayson Tatum and his Historic Performance Propels Celtics to Eastern Conference Finals

In a remarkable display of talent and determination, Jayson Tatum led the Boston Celtics to a resounding victory over the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Tatum’s record-setting performance saw him pour in 51 points, surpassing the previous Game 7 scoring record set by Stephen Curry earlier in the postseason. The Celtics seized control of the game with a stunning 28-3 run in the third quarter, effectively dismantling the 76ers’ hopes of advancing.

Tatum’s scoring outburst was a sight to behold as he connected on 17 of his 28 field goal attempts, including six three-pointers. The young star also contributed significantly on the boards, grabbing 13 rebounds, and showcased his playmaking abilities with five assists and two steals.

His stellar performance was a testament to his resilience after struggling in the previous game. Tatum’s heroic display epitomized the essence of Game 7, where the stakes were high, and the Celtics rose to the occasion.

Joining Tatum in the offensive onslaught was Jaylen Brown, who added 25 points to the Celtics’ tally. The second-seeded Celtics now look forward to a thrilling Eastern Conference finals matchup against the surprising eighth-seeded Miami Heat. This best-of-seven series promises to be a battle of determination and skill, set to commence on Wednesday in Boston.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers, led by MVP Joel Embiid, faltered in the crucial game. Embiid struggled with his shot, converting only 5 of his 18 attempts and tallying a mere 15 points.

Despite a solid contribution of 19 points from Tobias Harris, the 76ers were unable to halt the Celtics’ onslaught. The loss marked another disappointment for Philadelphia, as they aimed to advance past the Eastern Conference semifinals for the first time since 2001.

Reflecting on the defeat, 76ers coach Doc Rivers acknowledged the setback but remained optimistic about the team’s future. Rivers emphasized the progress made throughout the season and expressed confidence in the team’s trajectory despite the disappointment of Game 7. The resilient 76ers will look to regroup and build upon their accomplishments as they strive for future success in the seasons to come.


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