Lakers’ Anthony Davis takes jabs at Nuggets as Jamal Murray eyes NBA Championship success

Denver Nuggets with their star center Nikola Jokic and star point guard Jamal Murray, won the last NBA championship, outshining the other teams. It was a well-deserved victory because they played great basketball throughout the season.

With their stellar success last season, it is no surprise that Murray believes that his team can uphold the same level of performance in the coming days. As the point guard eyes a possible second Championship ring, Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers does not quite feel the same.

Murray’s championship ambitions for Nuggets trump all-star hopes

 Nuggets fans must not forget that Jamal Murray the “Blue Arrow” played a crucial role in their championship victory. His ability to score strengthened the team’s core. When asked about potentially becoming an all-star this coming season, Murray said “I’d rather be a champion. A lot of guys are All-Stars and not champions.”

Murray prefers to achieve great heights as a team player over an individual player. He is not a selfish player like many NBA superstars who have no interest in passing the ball to their teammates, but rather a guy who wants to help his team get better and win more games and championships.

NBA legend Paul Pierce praised Murray saying that Jamal is currently the best point guard in the NBA. Paul said, “He can score just as good as any of them, he averaged 10+ assists, he play solid D. He gives you everything as a point guard. It ain’t nothing you can’t do. You got Luka, you got Ja, you got Steph Curry… Kyrie. Right now, I think Jamal Murray is the best point guard moving forward in the league.”

Jamal Murray recorded a splendid number of assists last season. Many fans believe Jamal to be worthy and want him to be an All-Star in the upcoming season. Looking at his vast fan base, he might end up as one this season.

Davis takes a dig at Denver Nuggets with sassy remark

Anthony Davis “The Brow” has a lot of responsibilities this season as the Lakers are counting on him to be healthy and deliver. Sure, the Lakers have several great players on their roster but currently the best player in the team is AD himself.

In a recent interview, Anthony Davis took a subtle dig at the Nuggets saying, “It was just a lot of talking. We get it, y’all won, but me and Bron had some conversations… we can’t wait [to play them].” 

There will be a tough fight between the Lakers and the Nuggets this season which would certainly draw a lot of attention from fans. Anthony Davis and Nikola Jokic would try their best to establish themselves as the better big man.

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