Lakers’ ex-coach expects team to shine in next year’s NBA finals after LeBron James’ unwavering determination

The Los Angeles Lakers had a lot going for them this off-season. They renewed and made a lot of new signings all focusing on strengthening their core and building a strong foundation around LeBron James who is still performing at the top level despite his age.

Former Lakers player and ex-coach Byron Scott recently shared his views on the Los Angeles-based teams’ condition going into the new season taking into consideration their recent moves and the expertise brought to the table by veteran star Lebron James.

Byron Scott boldly predicts Lakers to headline NBA Finals in 2024

Byron Scott appeared very happy with Laker’s off-season performance and expects them to make it to the finals this year if there are no injuries. In his discussion with Scoop B, the former Lakers player and head coach said,

“I like ’em, I love what they did in the offseason. You’ve got to give Rob Pelinka a lot of credit. I think right now he is Executive of the Year for what he was able to bring to the table. So I’m looking at that purple and gold.”

He continued,“ I said this at the golf tournament the other day, I’ll be surprised if they are not in the NBA Finals barring injuries and all that that we always know happens during the regular season, but very excited about the Purple and Gold this year”

The LA-based team signed former big man of New Orleans Pelicans Jaxson Hayes, former Minnesota Timberwolves wing Taurean Price, former Portland Trail Blazers wing Can Reddish, and former guard of Miami Heat Gabe Vincent. The Lakers seem to have a strong squad ahead of the season and could reach the finals this year.

LeBron’s relentless mindset unveiled as he enters new season with the Lakers

While many fans are expecting LeBron James to call it a day, James shows no sign of retiring. The relentless mindset of the Lakers superstar is a thing of admiration for many. Upon being asked about this subject, James said, “Don’t mean nothing. Tired is only in the mind. You tell yourself you are tired, you are gonna be tired. I don’t get tired.” 

This goes to show the determination of the 4 time NBA Champion and his desire to win and play at the highest level. This mindset of LeBron is what differentiates him from many other NBA players and could be a major factor behind his decades-long dominance over the sport.


What do you think of Byron Scott’s predictions about the Lakers reaching the finals? When do you think LeBron will retire? We are eager to know your opinions on this one, so drop down in the comments section and let us know.


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