Lakers’ LeBron James begins construction on luxurious new residence after demolishing Beverly Hills Mansion

36-year-old Lakers superstar LeBron James has demolished his multi-million dollar mansion in hopes of building his ‘dream home’ from scratch. Right after purchasing the property, James began to fight a lengthy legal battle to gain building rights on the 2.5-acre plot of land. 

There is no news yet about the speculated look of the under-construction dream home, but some reports suggest that King James is more fond of a sleeker aesthetic this time around. 

LeBron demolishes $37 Million Mansion

According to several sources, this house was fully equipped with a pool, pool house, tennis court, and one of the largest LA driveways. It also had vaulted ceilings, 7 fireplaces, 4 bedrooms, and many other glamorous features.

No matter how the new home is going to look and feel like, most people speculate this property to be the up-and-coming retirement home for LeBron James. The 36-year-old has almost surpassed the prime of his career. 

Despite openly contemplating retirement after the Lakers lost to the season’s champions, the Nuggets, experts assume he would soon be back on the court for his 21st NBA season. As a matter of fact, James and fellow star Anthony Davis are still pivotal factors in the Lakers’ performances on the big show.

Where does LeBron James own property?

James’ most recently acquired property at Beverly Hills is a 13,000sq ft mansion purchased in 2020. The house was also under the former ownership of Katherine Hepburn but was bought by James for $36.8 million from Bill and Lee Phillip Bell.

He also owns two properties in the Los Angeles suburban area, Brentwood. One of them is worth $24.5 million while the other costs $21 million. 

LeBron James

LeBron bought his first-ever high-profile property back in 2003 in Ohio. It was a Bath Township property, to the northwest of Akron. In the $2.1 million worth of land, he proceeded to build a 30,000-sqft mansion.

In 2010, he bought a custom-built three-story mansion in Miami for $9 million. 

LeBon’s fetish for luxury property is not new, and this new addition is another feather on the cap. He is tearing down his California mansion owned by himself and his family this time around, to construct his ambitious project. The original property was a Spanish-mission-style mansion in California. 

What are your thoughts on the property acquisition spree of the Lakers superstar? What do you think about his recent idea of his dream home post-demolition? Let us know your opinions with your speculations about how it might turn out. 


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