Lakers reportedly agrees to match any contract offer to keep Austin Reaves despite outside interest

In the face of external interest, the Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly made a decisive move to retain Austin Reaves by agreeing to match any contract offer he receives. This resolute stance highlights the Lakers‘ recognition of Reaves’ value and their commitment to keeping him within their ranks. As rumors swirl and teams express interest in the promising young player, the Lakers’ unwavering support sends a clear message about their intentions.

By prioritizing Reaves’ retention, the organization demonstrates its belief in his potential and the integral role he could play in their future success. This development not only assures Reaves but also signals the Lakers’ determination to bolster their roster with talented players who can contribute to their championship aspirations.

Lakers Ready to Keep Austin Reaves

The Lakers are committed to keeping guard Austin Reaves when he hits free agency this summer. In playoffs, Hillbilly Kobe showcased his ability to handle the pressure, shoot from beyond the arc, and make plays for his teammates. Reaves, who played as a useful third option with superstars King James and Anthony Davis, was instrumental in the team’s march to the WC Finals.

Despite receiving interest from other teams, the Lakers are willing to match whatever contract offer Reaves receives. They are ready to match a hefty offer sheet for around $100 million over 4 years, according to NBA insider Marc Stein. The Lakers recognize Reaves’ worth and regard him as an important member of their team.

Austin’s versatility on the court, both as a playmaker and an off-ball threat, compliments James and Davis‘ abilities wonderfully. Hillbilly Kobe’s postseason average was 16.9 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game, cementing his place as a top-tier supplementary player.

It will be interesting to see what kind of contract Reaves ultimately earns as the free agency period progresses. The Lakers’ willingness to keep him demonstrates their dedication to establishing a strong team around their great players, as well as their belief in AR-15’s ability to meaningfully contribute to their success.

Magic makes Reaves their top target?

According to Bleacher Report, the Orlando Magic have designated Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves as their primary target. Despite having already selected two guards in the 2023 NBA Draft, the Magic believe Reaves’ playmaking abilities would complement their lineup.

While some may question the need for another guard, Bleacher Report contends that the signing of Reaves will make it more difficult for opposing defenses to focus on Orlando’s young nucleus of Markelle Fultz, Jalen Suggs, Paolo Banchero, and Franz Wagner. Reaves is flexible and can play both on and off the ball, allowing him to provide various creators on the court at the same time while confusing opponents’ defensive schemes.

Reaves, who is 25 years old, would fit in well with Orlando’s young core. However, because Reaves is a restricted free agent, the Magic may have to offer a bulky contract to deter the Lakers from matching the offer sheet.

Despite picking Anthony Black and Jett Howard, the Magic still value Reaves’ development and postseason experience. Nonetheless, before deciding to acquire the promising guard, they must carefully examine fit and cost.


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