‘Mr Irrelevant’ Brock Purdy speaks on being last pick in NFL draft at ‘Murph & Mac’

Brock Purdy is a youngster with the spirit of a warrior quarterback. Since he arrived on the scene, Purdy has turned the entire 49ers team on their heads. The team from San Francisco is in the best of forms this season, with the team being on top of the table as they won twelve out of their sixteen matches, five of which came unexpectedly thanks to the heroic efforts of Brock Purdy.

Moreover, Jimmy Garoppolo was injured while playing against the Dolphins on Sunday, 5th of December, and Brock Purdy had to take over from there onwards. No one expected the young quarterback to play the way he did; in that match, he ran 210 yards and produced two touchdowns. Afterward, the 49ers made Purdy their main QB as Jimmy G suffered from his broken leg.

Yet, once again, Brock exceeded everyone’s expectations and again was the show’s star with two touchdowns against the Buccaneers; even the legendary Tom Brady recognized his caliber and was not late to congratulate him.

Now, after five consecutive victories, Purdy has grabbed the NFL universe’s attention with two touchdowns in each match and has been called on multiple shows, including KNBR’s “Murph & Mac” show, where Brock revealed that he was not surprised being the last pick of the NFL this season.

What did Brock Purdy say?

The exciting younger from the 49ers camp is not shy to express his thoughts, and that being said, he seemed fairly honest in the show admitting that he had major issues coming into this season which may have been why he was the least favorite to be picked.

Brock, in the show, stated-

“You look at the last two years of my film in college and everything like that, [and] there’s some parts of my game where, yeah, I had to work and improve on. I’m honest and open about that with myself.”

“But there’s always this part of me where I’ve been like when I’m playing my best football, I know I can play at the next level and take a team down the field and be the guy on the team to help us win and put points up on the board.”

“So, I’ve always believed in myself, but there were areas of my game that I had to clean up, so that’s something I’m not secretive about or anything. I’m open about it, I’m real with myself.”

Purdy has proven to be a lucky charm for the franchise of San Francisco, with seven out of his eight games going down as wins. While Jimmy G played his part in the first two, it was all the “Purdy party” onwards, and the 49ers never looked back.

Performing well and showing his potential this season, teams will not make the same mistake twice by not picking “Mr. Irrelivent.”


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