NBA fans urge LeBron James to “Cancel His Nike Deal” after shoe slip causes Lakers to lose vs Hornets

Air Zoom is arguably the most iconic brand of sneakers anyone has ever seen, courtesy to the amazing partnership between Nike and Lebron James since 2003. People around the world alongside king James’ fans have gone nuts about it in past however, James’ very iconic sneakers turned out to be the reason behind Lakers’ 19th loss of the season.

 The lakers had a very poor start of the season which saw them sitting on 13th in the western conference table. Situation gone bad to worse when one of their biggest star Anthony Davis injured his right foot which threw him out of the court for the past 4 games.

Lakers’ game against the hornets was a close affair. The game went to the final seconds, when the disaster happened, Lebron’s sneaker went hovering, which forced him to pass the ball to Dennis Schroder instead of going for the throw, and Schroder’s miss saw lakers’ final chance to win the game go to waste.

This season couldn’t get any worse than that for the lakers’ fan as the chance of qualifying to the play-offs is getting thinner and thinner, and by losing in such thin margin that too because of something as silly as James’ sneaker going off, the fans on social media have started to lose their mind.

Many fans have already called out on Lebron James to cancel his Nike deal on twitter. Here are some tweets reacting to this incident.

 However, Lebron reacted on the loss against the Hornets and his shoe incident at the post match press conference.

As this season is only getting worse for the Lakers, we for sure hope to see they turn it around and qualify for the playoffs. What are your thoughts on this incident? Do you think this incident will impact on Laker’s on the coming games as well? Let us know in the comment section.


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