NBA trade rumors: Lakers-Pistons to trade Bojan Bogdanović and Nerlens Noel Deal

The Los Angeles Lakers would naturally pursue all avenues for improving their current state in the NBA Western Conference.

The Lakers are the 13th seed in the conference, and their active roster is missing some key players like Anthony Davis and Austin Reaves. In this critical situation, the Lakers must assemble a group of impactful athletes to support their lone warrior, LeBron James.

What is the latest trade rumor regarding the Lakers?

The speculation suggests the Lakers might go for a pair of players from the Detroit Pistons: Bojan Bogdanovi and Nerlens Noel. Still, there are a lot of gray areas about the supposed deal, but it looks pretty sensible for both parties.

Bojan, 33, has already averaged 21.2 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 2.8 assists in 44 appearances this season.

Noel, a 6.10-foot center, averaged 2.4 points per game, 2.8 rebounds, and.6 assists in 12 games.

The Lakers could go for a more prestigious icon, but at this moment, this deal is way better suited for them.

The addition of the legendary James’ contract extension to the organization has put the franchise under pressure to build a healthy team. Lebron appeared to be slightly injured after pulling all the weight throughout the season.

Do you think the Lakers should go for the deal? How would the team look if the deal were to happen? You can let us know in the comments.


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