NBA vet Lou Williams delivers hilarious five-word response to Kelly Oubre’s referees outburst

On Wednesday, a matchup between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Clippers ended in a dramatic controversy where the Clippers ended up on top with a 108-107 victory over the 76ers. The result led to a scene where the players and the head coach got involved.

The 76ers guard, Kelly Oubre Jr, was not given the foul during the final play that could’ve saved the game for his team, but the officials made a mistake and didn’t call it, which enraged the head coach and Oubre Jr. himself.

Lou Williams perfectly forecasts Kelly Oubre Jr.’s refs outburst fine

Following Kelly Oubre’s unsuccessful game-saving attempt, the 76ers’ head coach, Nick Nurse, expressed his frustration with the referees and had to be restrained from confronting them. Kelly Oubre Jr. was visibly upset and expressed his frustration towards the officials with a string of strong words.

The NBA veteran, Lou Williams, had some words on this outburst by Oubre Jr. and said that he could get fined up to $75k for cursing the referees. Williams said, “Kelly Oubre doesn’t have a history of this type of character, right? If this is Draymond Green, the world blows up…I thought that over there was gonna be 50. Now watching this, this might be 75. This is $25k per b*tch.” 

What did Kelly Oubre say to the NBA referees?

Kelly Oubre Jr. was going for a drive when Paul George fouled him just before the buzzer sounded in the fourth quarter. Because the officials didn’t call the foul, he lost his cool and called them a b****.

Oubre said, “You’re a bi***, you’re a bi***, you’re a bi***. … your mom’s a bi***, your dad’s a bi***, your grandma’s a bi***.” After the game, the officials admitted to having committed a mistake by overlooking the last-second foul on Oubre Jr., which may have changed the outcome of the game.

Kelly Oubre Jr. apologised for his outburst in the post-game conference. “I want to apologize for just losing my cool, because that’s something I try to work on each and every day, and try to represent God in the best way I possibly can, and that wasn’t it. I just ask for forgiveness,” the 28-year-old said. “It wasn’t cool, so I’ll take whatever penalties come with that.” said Oubre.


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