NFL analyst drops shock bomb by excluding Aaron Rodgers from top-5 AFC QBs

After going through an awkward initial green room embarrassment, the legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers had an illustrious career after being drafted by the Green Bay Packers.

Following Rodger‘s arrival in the New York Jets team, many fans are buzzing with huge expectations and hoping for him to end their long Super Bowl drought. But, an NFL analyst thinks the Jets are expecting too much from their new QB1 while kicking him out of the top-5 AFC QBs list.

Bucky Brooks snubs Aaron Rodgers in the top-5 AFC QB ranking

During a recent interview, the NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks said he doesn’t see the Packers’ former QB as a top-five player in the AFC in the presence of the other young stars,

“When I look at the AFC landscape, I don’t see Aaron Rodgers as a top-five player in that conference. When you go down the list- Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson. There’s not a spot for Aaron Rodgers.”

The analyst said he knows he will have to face harsh criticism for his take on the 10-time Pro-Bowler but he added that the NFL star’s performance has been declining, “And I know, like, I’ll get pegged as being the Aaron Rodgers hater. But then when I look at him on tape, look, I’ve seen the decline.”

Aaron Rodgers

Brooks continued the discussion by saying the four-time MVP’s completion percentage, passing rate, passing yards, and touchdown count is decreasing gradually,

“The numbers match up with what you’re seeing on tape. Competition percentage down over each of the last three years. Passing rating down over each of the last three years. Passing yards per game down over each of the last three years. And even his touchdown have continued to decline in each of the last three years.”

The Jets team is aiming to have a breakout year in the upcoming season, albeit the NFL reporter said the chance of Aaron’s bouncing back to his MVP-level performance is quite impossible,

“A lot of people are banking on Aaron Rodgers to be a four-time MVP, that he’s going to go to New York and find the fountain of youth. But at 40 years old, there are not many quarterbacks that improve when their physical skills begin to diminish.”

When was Aaron Rodgers last Super Bowl?

A-Rod won Super Bowl XLV with the Green Bay Packers by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25. It is b both his and the team’s only Super Bowl victory and appearance since the 2000s. The ex-Packers former starting QB recorded a 111.5 passer rating while throwing 304 yards in the game.

Aaron Rodgers

Nevertheless, the 39-year-old star has not made it to any other Super Bowls since then, albeit he along with Drew Brees possesses the feat of having the most consecutive seasons with a passer rating of over 100.0. The NFL MVP missed his chance to appear in the 2022 Super Bowl following Green Bay’s defeat to the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional round.

Rodgers will likely be looking forward to maximizing his effort after finding his new destination in Big Apple. Despite his age being a major question, many Jets fans and front office members are expecting the NFL star to bring about a golden dynasty for the team.

Do you think that A-Rod can match the bar of expectations?


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