NFL analyst Pat McAfee set to walk away $120 million-plus FunDuel Deal

Pat McAfee has established himself as a well-liked analyst and host known for his irreverent humor and outspoken comments on sports and pop culture. Having already collaborated with FanDuel on various projects and being a strong supporter of sports betting, the former wrestling and football athlete has recently come out with his approach to withdraw from an agreement between him and the sports betting firm FanDuel.

After leaving the NFL, McAfee switched to a career in media and entertainment by hosting a sports talk radio program and rapidly developed a following for his wit on sports and society. The Pat McAfee Show, a well-known podcast Pat also started, offers interviews with sports, celebrities, and other guests, along with his distinctive commentary and comedy.

Pat McAfee Show

What was the deal between Pat McAfee and FanDuel?

Pat McAfee, the host of the hugely successful radio show and YouTube show, reportedly stated that he had signed a new contract with FanDuel for “an incredible amount of money” in 2021.
It was a four-year agreement with a three-year opt-out, and according to Shams Charania, FanDuel agreed to pay McAfee almost $30 million annually to represent FanDuel’s sportsbook activities.

Thus, this sports personality would have reportedly become one of the highest-paid figures in sports journalism as a result of the agreement.

According to the planned contract, McAfee would have been in charge of advertising FanDuel’s sports betting services via a variety of media platforms, such as his podcast, social media, and live events.

Why is McAfee going to end this contract?

Pat is in the second year of the agreement, but it appears that he may break his four-year, $120 million+ endorsement arrangement with FanDuel. The rumor first surfaced after this quarterback recently removed the FanDuel logo from his application; instead, the sponsorship logo was watermarked in the upper-right corner of the entire broadcast.

In a series of direct messages with The Post last week, he was evasive about what is happening with FanDuel. Even though Pat claimed there was no schism, albeit he did not specify the precise reasons for his choice.

“Not exactly sure where it all ends up. No beef, all love with FD (and you.) Just trying to make my show and life easier. I’ll have a lot more info and direction late next week, probably.” 

FanDuel has not yet provided a statement in response to this statement. Supporters of the well-known media figure, Pat will just have to “hold their horses” and watch what their favorite star does next.


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