NFL Trade News: RB Josh Jacobs agrees 1-year deal worth $12M with Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders All-Pro running back Josh Jacobs’ future with the team was uncertain for a long time. He couldn’t sign a long-term deal with the team this offseason and was left with two options, either to leave the team or sign a one-year deal. The Las Vegas Raiders didn’t want to trade him as they didn’t want to lose the talented running back. 

But Jacobs didn’t participate in any offseason program including training camps and preseason games which indicated that the running back is planning to end his era with the Raiders. But suddenly, Jacobs announced that he was back in the team.

Details on Josh Jacobs’ $12M contract

After Josh Jacobs couldn’t sign a long-term deal with the team, it was evident that he’d sign a $10.091 million franchise tag. But when the running back didn’t participate in any practice game everyone thought he’ll not sign with the Raiders again.

Josh Jacobs

But in an unexpected turn on Saturday, he announced his return to the team. Josh Jacobs has signed a reworked one-year deal with the Raiders same as Saquon Barkley signed with the New York Giants.

The deal Jacobs has signed with the Raiders is worth $12 million. 

If the team and the running back, come to terms there is a possibility that Josh Jacobs may sign a franchise tag with the team for the next season. 

How important is RB Josh Jacobs for the Raiders?

The 25-year-old had an exceptional career. He led the league in rushing with 1,613 yards and scored 12 touchdowns. He was also named first-team All-Pro.

Josh Jacobs

Therefore, the Raiders were adamant not to let Jacobs go as he’s a crucial part of the running line of the team. The owner of the Raiders expressed excitement for Jacobs returning to the team.

“I love him. I love Josh. He’s phenomenal. He was the heart of our team, in my mind. He came to play every day.”

The owner said that the running back is a tough guy and he’s proud of him. 

“Tough, tough, tough guy. Just really proud of him. He was a Raider. If we had 22 Josh Jacobs on the roster, with that mentality, amazing.”

Expectedly, Josh Jacobs will return to the team on Sunday. Now that the deal has been signed Raiders are happy to welcome their talented running back to the team once again. 

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