Patrick Mahomes hails Andy Reid’s work ethic after Chiefs HC’s shocking revelation

In an interview, the Kansas City Chiefs HC Andy Reid recently shared his work ethic and how he spends his free time. Patrick Mahomes, one of the biggest supporters of the HC, reposted the tweet about his interview with several emojis showcasing the coach’s worth.

Mahomes has always been supporting the head coach. Even a few days back when a debate stirred about whether Reid is one of the best coaches or not, the quarterback jumped in claiming that he is one of the best coaches in the NFL. 

Patrick Mahomes hails Andy Reid as the GOAT HC

Patrick Mahomes retweeted a video of Andy Reid sharing his work ethic and what he does in his free time. But in the caption, he also added the goat emojis showing that he thinks Andy Reid is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) head coach.

Although the quarterback didn’t write anything else in the caption, only the goat emojis were enough to show how much the quarterback respects the head coach. 

The 27-year-old said a few days back that what he is now is because of Andy Reid. The coach helped him a lot in achieving his goals. Mahomes shared that the coach taught him not only to be a better quarterback but also to be a better human and husband. 


The incredible success Mahomes has achieved under the guidance of Andy Reid already shows that he is one of the best HCs in the NFL. 

Chiefs HC Andy Reid reveals how he spends free time

Recently, the HC was in an interview where he was asked about how he spends his free time. He is known to give quirky replies and he didn’t disappoint fans this time as well.

“Listen, I take my work with me, and I spend a couple of hours a day working on things on that time off,” Chiefs’ HC said.


He shared that he looks at plays during his free time. “I enjoy doing that… some people read novels, I look at plays.”

As the video of this interview was posted on Twitter, Mahomes was quick to repost it with the GOAT emojis showcasing his respect for the coach’s dedication to studying plays during his free time. The way Mahomes always stands up for the head coach and praises him is heartwarming. It shows the immense respect he has for those who have helped him achieve his goals and supported him in his NFL journey with the Chiefs. 


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