“Records are meant to be broken. I’m happy he did” Nets guard Kyrie Irving praises Cavs’ Donovan Mitchell on scoring franchise-record 71 points vs Bulls

Donovan Mitchell, the point guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is on top of the world after the win against the Chicago Bulls- in a thriller of a match, Mitchell was exemplary to break records on Monday and win it for his team. In the 145 points against the Bulls, Donovan scored a record 71-points, but that’s not all one must look at the situation in which he made those points.

Cleveland starting the match seemed a bit shaky with the Bulls having a 21 points lead; however, it was Mitchell’s heroics that saved the Cavaliers.

More than a decade has passed away since the legendary Kobe Bryant scored his record 81 points in a match against Toronto- way back in 2006. Even earlier, the record was an astonishing 100 points for the Philadelphia 76ers star Wilt Chamberlain in the early 60s. Mitchell now joins these two greats in the record books- no one in the last seventeen years had made as many individual points in a match as Donovan- Donovon had broken the previous Cleveland 57-points record of Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

After his magnificent achievement, the NBA universe does not wait to praise the heroic efforts of the Cavaliers player; even players shared their opinions on the performance, especially Kyrie Irving, as Michell thoroughly entertained him.

What did Kyrie Irving say?

Irving was happy seeing Spida break the record and further went on to praise him, saying he knew he was going to produce something big-

“Good. Records are meant to be broken,” he said. “I’m happy he did. What’s funny about it is … tell Don I shouted him out, but I was on Call of Duty a little bit before the game with Don. We were playing quads, and he was locked in, I could tell. He was locked in.”

Other players like LeBron James previously held the record for the Cavaliers, said, “I haven’t seen the clips of the game yet, but obviously, the guy had to be on fire. … We play a game where a lot of guys always talk about getting buckets, you know? And some of the best guys put the ball in the hole. And obviously, tonight, Donovan showed that he’s one of the best in our league to be able to put up … anytime you’re putting up 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s — you know you’re extremely, extremely gifted at what you do. That’s definitely something he’ll never forget, his family will never forget.”

With so much praise for his game, Donovan Mitchell will be over the moon and try to utilize this opportunity to show his game and true potential. 

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