Rich Paul clears the air surrounding LeBron James future

With the NBA world going berserk with trades and trade rumors, LeBron James found himself being whispered in a trade deal this week.

NBA super agent and the longtime agent of LeBron James came out to make the record crystal clear that the King is not available for any trades amid rising questions of LeBron’s commitment and availability to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rich Paul reacts to LeBron James trade speculations

Rich Paul, the CEO and Founder of Klutch Sports Group, stands as the premier NBA super agent with an impressive roster of A-list athletes. His most notable client is the legendary American basketball player LeBron James, with whom he shares a long-time friendship.

Amidst rumors and trade deals involving LeBron James, Rich Paul took the initiative to dispel the uncertainty surrounding his star client’s future. According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Paul stated, ‘LeBron won’t be traded, and we aren’t asking for it.’

LeBron James never promised he would retire from the Lakers. The Lakers haven’t been a very good team since winning the title in 2020. It is disappointing for James as he continues to be one of the best players in the league.

However, the Lakers have made it clear in the past that they have no intention of parting ways with James, and Buss family owners of the lakers have said their goal is to keep the King happy at all costs.

Bronny James’ NBA draft can dictate LeBron’s future

Lebron James has made it clear on many instances that his last season as professional basketball player for the NBA will be after he plays with his son Bronny James on a professional court.

LeBron’s first born son “Lebron Raymone James Jr” (19 as of 2024) has taken his first step of becoming a professional basketball player in the NBA, like his Hall of Fame Father, committing to play D1 basketball for the USC Trojans.

LeBron James talked about wanting to play with his son during his transition. In fact, his current contract with the Los Angeles Lakers is set to expire this off-season before Bronny becomes eligible for the NBA.

If Bronny decides to enter the NBA draft, the team looking to sign LeBron James will definitely consider drafting him. This would also convince the four-time MVP to sign with them. Though based on his current projection, it’s safe to say that teams won’t go against Bronny as a first choice.

However, there can be a team that could make a tactical decision to draft Bronny in the second round and sign him to a two-way contract and hope Lebron tags along to complete his stellar career playing along side his son.


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