Shannon Sharpe’s potential ‘Undisputed’ replacement lights the gas with cryptic tweets following TE’s departure

The Hall of Fame tight end Shaonn Sharp hosted his last episode of “Undisputed” recently and declared his divorce from the show, ending the journey he started in 2016 with co-host Skip Bayless, leaving the NFL world bewildered by his split.

Before making the announcement, however, Shannon divulged a poignant message with the audience, saying, “Train stops for Shannon Sharpe,” and thanked his co-host for giving him the chance by sharing the stage with him. Bayless also recalled his former Co-host and reacted to his message by referring to him as a “worthy adversary.”

Why Shannon Sharpe left ‘Undisputed’?

Though the exchange between the two was formal, obviously there was something fishy forcing the departure of Shannon from the show as it was not for any official issue, seeming that Sharp parted his ways with Bayless rather than with the show 

Shannon Sharpe Skipped 'Undisputed' After Skip Bayless' Damar Hamlin Tweets | Complex

The dispute between these two hosts perhaps started from Skips’ controversial tweet during Damar Hamilns’ cardiac arrest incident. The incident shackled the NFL world but couldn’t touch Bayless’ heart as the NFL analyst went to Twitter to make an irrelevant and harsh post while also raiding questions for suspending the match.

However, Bayless’ baseless comment gifted him much backlash and this time his friend Shannon also was not on his side and requested him to delete the tweet. 

Since then the situation began worsening and the relationship between these analysts also. As Skip remained adamant in his comment, the former TE took his own turn and decided to leave him as his own announcing his departure from the show, hinting at it as the main reason for the separation. 

Rumor mills accelerate with probable replacement’s indicative tweets

The 54-year-old received a buyout from FOX, and the network is looking for a replacement host for their program. The NFL analyst fanned the flames of speculation about Bayless’ potential replacement on “Undisputed” by sharing incredible information on Twitter and expressing his excitement that the program was going to return shortly.

LeSean Shady McCoy, however, left a cryptic comment on his post and greatly spread the rumors. Even though the message was vague, the sender made hints about his new appearance as the show’s new host.

Throughout his NFL career, McCoy spent time with the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s possible that he’s now rushing to take over Sharp’s chair.

many NFL fans will miss the former NFL analyst, sitting in the front seat with Bayless and discussing the ins and outs of the NFL. What is your take on Shanos’ decision? Leave a comment to let us know.


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