Sixers’ HC Nick Nurse ready to move past previous on-court exchanges with Joel Embiid: “It’s a little bit entertaining for me”

Nick Nurse, the new head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, is seeking to move past his previous on-court interactions with Joel Embiid. Nurse, who formerly coached the Toronto Raptors, faced Embiid and the Sixers in a number of tight postseason encounters. Despite some colourful exchanges and insults, Nurse now finds it fun and shows admiration for Embiid’s ability. As he begins this new chapter, Nurse is focused on forming a great collaboration with Embiid and the club in order to pursue their championship goals.

What happened between Nurse and Joel Embiid

During his time as head coach of the Toronto Raptors, Nick Nurse faced up against Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers multiple times. The Raptors and 76ers met several times during the regular season and playoffs, including a nail-biting seven-game Eastern Conference semifinal series in 2019. Nurse, known for his defensive techniques, tried everything he could to stop Embiid, but the imposing centre proved to be a strong opponent.

Despite the competitive nature of their on-court fights, Nurse grew to admire Embiid’s abilities and basketball IQ. He recognised the difficulty of defending Embiid, who continuously changed his game to thwart defensive strategies. Nurse appreciated Embiid’s ability to adjust and exploit the flaws of rival teams.

While there were some colourful words and banter between Nurse and Embiid during their bouts, the coach sees it as part of the game’s competitive spirit. Nurse later expressed admiration for Embiid’s ability and progress as a player.

Now, as the 76ers’ new head coach, Nurse hopes to forge a fruitful and collaborative relationship with Embiid. Nurse’s experience coaching against Embiid might provide significant insights and techniques to maximise the superstar center’s influence in the postseason, adding an intriguing depth to their cooperation.

Nurse is focused on assisting Embiid in taking his game to new heights and leading the 76ers to a championship run. Their shared history sets the foundation for an exciting adventure as they work together to overcome previous playoff losses and achieve victory in the next seasons. The mutual respect and understanding developed through their on-court struggles may be crucial in unleashing Embiid’s full potential and propelling the 76ers to new heights in the NBA.

Why did Raptors fire Nick Nurse?

The Toronto Raptors took the unexpected choice to fire head coach Nick Nurse after the 2022-23 season. Throughout the season, speculation concerning Nurse’s future circulated, with reports indicating roster and staff dissatisfaction with the team’s performance. Nurse’s own statements, in which he stated that he would examine his situation after the season, raised eyebrows and encouraged further speculation.

There were some “sticking points” between Nurse and Raptors president Masai Ujiri, according to insiders, which contributed to the decision to replace coaches. While Nurse had been a key part of the Raptors’ success, including a championship in 2019 and Coach of the Year honours in 2020, the organisation saw this as an opportunity to reset and refocus.

The decision to fire Nurse was not made lightly, given his considerable contributions to the team’s success and his steady leadership. The Raptors, on the other hand, believed that a change was required in order to develop a team and coaching staff that would assist them in achieving their ultimate aim of winning another championship.

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