Suns’ Kevin Durant voices disappointment over Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook’s impact on basketball goes unrecognized: “They don’t ever get credit”

Kevin Durant of the Suns recently expressed his discontentment with the lack of respect given to fellow NBA stars Kyrie and Westbrook for their contributions to the game in a recent interview. Slim Reaper believes that both Irving’s and Westbrook’s accomplishments are underrated. KD, who has played with both players at separate points in his career, stressed their incredible talent and impact on the sport.

Despite their achievements, he believes they are sometimes overlooked or undervalued in discussions of the game’s greats.

KD’s words shed light on the difficulties of being recognised and appreciated in a league brimming with outstanding talent. He believes Irving and Westbrook deserve more credit for their abilities and contributions to the game. Slim Reaper’s perspective, as a former teammate, lends weight to the discussion and urges a closer look at the influence these players have had on basketball.

Kevin Durant laments lack of credit for Irving and Westbrook

Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook, two of the NBA’s top stars, have put up with their due share of obstacles during the last five years. Despite their evident talent and accomplishments, both players have battled to find stability in the league and have not earned the credit they deserve from fans and the media.

Irving and Westbrook have moved between teams without replicating their initial success. Durant recognizes the impact Irving and Westbrook have had on the game of basketball.

In a tweet shared by SportsCenter, KD expressed his praise for his former teammates, acknowledging that they have “inspired a whole generation of players” yet “don’t ever get credit for it.”

As Irving and Westbrook enter free agency, their future remains uncertain. Reaper’s comments highlight the lack of credit given to these two superstars and highlight the importance of acknowledging their contributions to basketball.

On what team did Durant played with Irving and Westbrook?

KD worked well with Westbrook during his stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The duo shared the floor and displayed their outstanding talents, helping the team triumph and leaving a lasting impression on the league.

Durant’s relationship with Westbrook was a combination of friendliness, on-court synergy, and occasional squabbles. They were a fearsome combination as teammates, with Slim Reaper’s scoring prowess supplemented by  Westbrook’s explosive agility.

Kevin Durant currently plays alongside Kyrie Irving on the Brooklyn Nets. The duo joined forces in the 2019 offseason, bringing high expectations to the team. However, their partnership faced some challenges, including injuries and off-court controversies. Nonetheless, when healthy and on the court together, Durant and Irving have showcased their exceptional skills, forming a formidable duo that poses a significant threat to opposing teams.

Their chemistry and scoring abilities have been key in the Nets’ pursuit of an NBA championship. As they continue to navigate their journey together in Brooklyn, fans and analysts eagerly anticipate the impact Durant and Irving will make on the team’s success.

Off the court, their relationship was not without difficulties. There were moments of tension and dispute when strong personalities and competitive spirits collided. However, through their shared experiences and same ambitions, they acquired a mutual appreciation for each other’s abilities and contributions to the game.


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