Super Bowl LVII rumor: Eagles vs Chiefs’ already determined final outcome reportedly got leaked sending NFL world into frenzy

Rumors are never expected in any sector but fake accusations can be seen in any field. As it is known, NFL is never a combat-free area; anything can happen in this field. But this time none ever imagined something will happen like the “Super Bowl LVII Rumor” and it has totally made the internet world stormy. 

Just one week remains till Super Bowl LVII. Without a question, the finest squads from their conferences, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, will face off in what may be one of the biggest title matches in recent history. The Eagles are only up by one score on the spread.

The Chiefs vs. Bengals contentious AFC Championship Game remains fresh in people’s minds, though. Supporters of the Chiefs in that game complained that the NFL is unfair because of several of the decisions made in their favor.

An online prank about the NFL possessing a plot to perform was inspired by a remark about the game being rigged made by ex-Houston Texans defensive back Arian Foster.

Foster assured everyone it was a prank (and it was crystal clear when he stated). Fans have raised the bar since NFL players joined the script trend, though. The controversy around the exposed script has once more been sparked by a false snapshot from Professional Football Information.



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