“They murdered me”: Logan Paul’s hilarious caption after training with UFC champs Alexander Volkanovski, Israel Adesanya and BJJ grappler Craig Jones

Some of the best MMA personalities, including Craig Jones, Israel Adesanya, and Alexander Volkanovski, sparred with Logan Paul recently. The YouTuber-turned-wrestler expressed his hectic experience claiming the UFC champions ‘murdered’ him during the session, implying how difficult the training was for him. 

Logan Paul is without a doubt one of the WWE’s most exciting performers right now. WWE now includes the YouTube phenomenon in its longer-term plans. His most recent squared circle appearances at WrestleMania 39 changed how the wrestling community viewed him. 

Logan Paul Alexander Volkanovski, Israel Adesanya spotted training together

To take his wrestling game to the next level, Maverick took the chance to go on a training session with some UFC greats. In preparation for their respective upcoming fights, Alexander Volkanovski is now in the United States of America along with Israel Adesanya. 

The internet sensation didn’t miss such a fantastic opportunity to train with the reigning UFC featherweight and middleweight champion. They were in fact trained by Volk’s trainer Brazilian Jiu-jitsu specialist Craig Jones. 

Logan Paul claims training with Izzy, Volk, and Craig Jones ‘murdered’ him

To describe his training experience with the UFC champs, Paul used one phrase, “yeah they murdered me.”  Nor hard to guess by that Logan meant the MMA style sparring was quite a lot for him to take. 

After the training session, the UFC champs were seen posing for pictures with Logan’s Prime Energy Drink. When Logan is involved in something it’s impossible that he wouldn’t utilize his chance to promote his beverage products.

Last year, PRIME and Arsenal FC reached a deal that designated PRIME as the team’s official beverage sponsor. Prime made an even greater announcement this year when it was named the official beverage partner of the UFC, providing it covered in more than 175 nations across the world.

Let us know your thoughts on Logan Paul’s intense training session with UFC champions Alexander Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya, where he claimed they “murdered” him.

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