Tom Brady’s Bucs replacement Baker Mayfield sends cold message to new teammate Rodrigo Blankenship

Baker Mayfield’s arrival in Tampa Bay has sparked both intrigue and skepticism among fans and analysts. As the replacement for legendary quarterback Tom Brady, Mayfield carries the weight of expectations on his shoulders. 

However, a recent incident involving Mayfield and his new teammate, Rodrigo Blankenship, has raised questions about his maturity and disappointed fans.

Baker Mayfield’s cold message to Rodrigo Blankenship

During the first day of mandatory minicamps, Mayfield took the opportunity to express his lingering frustration from the 2018 Rose Bowl, where his Oklahoma Sooners were defeated by Blankenship’s Georgia Bulldogs. 

Tom Brady

Mayfield told Blankenship, “I still don’t like you.” Maybe he was referencing the game in which Blankenship made two crucial field goals, including a 55-yarder and an overtime conversion.

Mayfield’s remarks were met with mixed reactions. While some brushed it off as playful banter, others criticized him for his apparent inability to let go of a college loss and for displaying a lack of professionalism toward a potential future teammate. Social media platforms were abuzz with fans and pundits alike expressing their views on Mayfield’s comments, with many questioning his maturity and ability to handle pressure.

Who will be the Bucs QB in 2023?

Mayfield could be the Bucs’ QB in 2023. His arrival in Tampa Bay comes with a one-year “prove it” contract worth up to $8.5 million. The team wasn’t sure about him therefore they opted for the safe option and signed him for some time. He needs to prove his worth to the team.

Mayfield’s NFL journey has been marred by inconsistency and struggles to secure a permanent starting role. He failed to prove himself as the quarterback during his time with the Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, and Los Angeles Rams.

With each new opportunity, Mayfield faced mounting pressure to prove himself, and the Buccaneers signed him to a “prove it” deal showing that they are not yet convinced he can lead their team to success.

Tom Brady

For Mayfield, the stakes are higher than ever. If he fails again it will badly affect his career. After Tom Brady, Mayfield’s task is to prove that he is the perfect replacement. 

With the new season, all eyes will be on Mayfield. Not only his on-field play will be judged but his interactions with teammates like with Blankenship will also be in the limelight. He has an opportunity to prove his haters wrong and establish a successful career.

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