Tom Brady post-NFL life involves adopting two beautiful kittens to make his daughter happy

Tom Brady is the GOAT of the NFL. Over the years, the newly retired Brady has entertained fans with his charismatic gameplay and charming personality. Earlier, at the beginning of February, Tom announced his retirement and later completed the process by filling up all the necessary paperwork. 

After his retirement, the legendary quarterback is still in the hearts and minds of fans as they are eager to know what their favorite star is up to in his free time. People still cannot imagine TB12 outside the football fields, and there are enough reasons for that. The man could not stay retired for more than forty days last year, so how will it be different this time?

Well… it is quite different coming into retirement year in 2023 as Tom Brady spends his time with family. Now, Brady is so dedicated to his family that he even shares his photo on Instagram stories. 

Earlier this Wednesday, Tom Brady shared a photo of two Siamese mix kittens and captioned the photo, “Vivi wins again.”

Tom Brady
Tom Brady’s Instagram story.

Who is Tom Brady indicating in the photo?

With his new Kitten photo, Tom Brady indicates his daughter Vivian as these two kittens are for her. Last year in August, Tom, along with his children, went to an “animal shelter,” even though the work was voluntary, Tom, with his human nature, won the hearts of the people there. So much so that Bragg Ryan wrote about Brady on Instagram. 

Ryan certainly was impressed with Brady’s efforts and wrote a long description of the GOAT QB. She ended her writing by saying, “Greatest QB of all time, no doubt. But I’m humbled most by the person you are off the field, TB! Congrats!”


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Having all the time in his hand, TB12 is making full use of it and not repeating the same mistakes he made last time. Now that Brady spends most of his time with his family, he can finally get some mental peace. Undoubtedly, Tom Brady is a great person on and off the field, and it is showcased again!

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