Tom Brady’s teammates mocked him during emotional divorce from Gisele Bündchen, possibly leading Buccaneers’ QB to retire from NFL

Tom Brady retired on Wednesday after a disappointing season playing for the Buccaneers. The NFL GOAT was undoubtedly under the pump after his haters had accused him of the Buccaneers’ downfall. Many people pointed out that his age- being a 45-year-old player- that did not allow him to play swiftly and made a meal out of accessible scoring opportunities. There is more to it, as multiple sources claim that Tom Brady’s teammates were no less than haters in the worst of times of TB12. All the hate might have pushed Tom to retire!

What did Buccaneers’ teammates do to Tom Brady?

Last year was one of Tom’s most significant downs, if not the worst, year. With already a lot of pressure from the NFL fans, Brady was going through a divorce. TB12 loved to play football so much that he could not give his family enough time. His wife, Gisele Bündchen, was not too pleased with Tom and his actions as he did not fulfil his promise of providing quality time. Later, the Brazillian model did not waste any time filing for a divorce. 

Tom Brady's teammates
Tom Brady and his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen.

Tom was quite upset, and rightfully so. People expect their friends and teammates to step up and show some sympathy in times like these. Tom gave everything to football, so his team must have been closer to his family. However, did they treat him back the same way?

No, they did not. Instead of trying to help the man through his rough patch, Tom Brady’s teammates mocked him behind his back, called him awful nicknames, and made fun of his love life. This might have been another reason for Tom to retire. 

However, he was going to switch teams anyways, and being the strong man Brady is; he would not care about such issues. Even then, it was not inhuman from the Bucs player’s end, and they should have supported the man that got them out of trouble on multiple occasions.

On the other hand, Gisele might have separated from Tom, but she still wants the best for the NFL legend and wishes him by writing in his retirement post, “Wishing you only wonderful things in thisnew chapter of your life.” Tom Brady is the ultimate GOAT of the NFL world and will always remain in the heart of fans.


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