Chiefs TE Travis Kelce’s hilarious Indiana Jones SNL look makes Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes burst in laughter

Travis Kelce SNL promo has drawn hilarious reactions. The show released the video on Twitter and received positive feedback from many fans. However, Kelce’s teammate and star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, reacted to the footage quite differently. 

Watching Kelce perform, Mahomes could not contain himself from sharing the Travis Kelce SNL promo with four emojis indicating the quarterback found the video hilarious, making him laugh his lungs out. 

After clinching his second Super Bowl victory, the star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs has shifted his focus toward entertaining his fans on the Emmy-winning late-night comedy show, Saturday Night Live. Travis Kelce has put his celebratory plans on hold and is now eager to showcase his comedic skills. 

This week’s episode of the show will fulfil the dream of the eight-time Pro Bowler as he takes on the role of a guest host for the very first time. The release of a short clip featuring the 33-year-old tight end dressed as Indiana Jones has generated excitement among hundreds of fans eager to see his fun personality on screen. 

The scene that Kelce reenacted is a classic moment from the iconic 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, making it all the more thrilling for fans to see him take on the role of a raider despite being a chief.

In the promotional video, Kelce collaborated with Marcello Hernandez as they attempted to remove the treasure, the SNL logo, and replace it with the Lombardi Trophy, resulting in triggering a booby trap. 

The comical setup of the video was well-received by fans who are eager to see more of what Kelce can offer. With his outgoing personality, it is expected that his appearance on the show will be an absolute delight for viewers.

How did fans react to the Travis Kelce SNL promo?

The fans seemed quite excited on Twitter, praising Kelces’ acting skills while sharing their thoughts on the video and their desire to watch the upcoming show!


 Kelce’s long-held dream of appearing on the iconic show is finally coming true, with the legendary tight end set to make his debut as a guest host on the upcoming Saturday episode. The fact that Mahomes replied to the tweet has sparked speculation among fans about a possible cameo, given the duo’s excellent on-field chemistry. 

With all this buzz, Kelce has successfully hyped up his fans for the highly anticipated event, which will surely draw a massive audience from the K.C. Kingdom.

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