Warriors’ Klay Thompson confidently predicts NBA championship success amid unveiling new signature shoe

Klay Thompson is known to be a light-hearted and hilarious person who likes to have fun when he’s off the court. The Golden State Warriors sharpshooter is currently in China and is enjoying his time there. He had several reasons to go to China this time but the major one among them is a product launch.

Thompson has a huge following in China and so does the NBA. The popular American Basketball League started broadcasting in China in 1998 and has grown a huge fan following there. Thompson’s current tour of China is a clear indication of the growing popularity of the sport among Chinese fans and it also allows Klay to connect with his Chinese fans.

Thompson raises the bar with championship expectations for the upcoming season

During his exploration of the locality, Klay Thompson came across a statue of the Marvel Supervillain Thanos. He quickly reacted in his usual light-hearted and amusing manner and showed the desire to have the same number of championship rings as the number of infinity stones on Thanos’s infinity gauntlet. Thompson is seen saying:

“I’m trying to get five rings like Thanos. …Five infinity stones. ….Technically six, but we won’t count that.” Thanos has six infinity stones in his infinity gauntlet and the Warriors star quickly mentioned it. But in his amusing manner, he refused to count the sixth stone. Rules out being too ambitious from his demeanor.

While Thompson’s fans are well acquainted with this side of him off the court, it doesn’t rule out the motivation and desire Klay Thompson demonstrated about winning another championship ring. The Warriors star has an already impressive resume with 4 championship rings under his name all won while playing for the Golden State Warriors. This unexpected moment of Klay surely raises the bar of expectations fans can have for him going into the next NBA Season.

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson introduces Anta KT9 signature shoe

Klay Thompson’s main reason for his tour to China was the launch of his new signature shoe – Anta KT9. Klay is signed to the Chinese shoe brand Anta making a different decision than other players who usually sign deals with Western giants like Nike, Puma, or Adidas.

It is understandable in a way as Klay’s popularity in China is huge and it would benefit both the parties involved. He is busy promoting his new show lineup and enjoying his summer trip to China for now. Klay Thompson has a special place for China in the heart as it is not his first visit there and it surely doesn’t look like it would be his last.

What do you think of Klay Thompson’s conviction of winning another Championship ring? Do you like the new lineup of shoes he launched? We are eager to know your opinion on this one, so drop down in the comments and let us know.


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