Watch: Luka Dončić pulled up in a ‘tank’ ahead of Dallas vs Atlanta Hawks

This season Luka Dončić has made a name for himself on the field by breaking teams down with his record. Looking at his stats, any opponent would get frightened. Just have a glance at his numbers- in his 41 games this season, Luka averages 37.5 minutes, where he scores 33.7 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 8.8 assists per game. 

If his game on the field did not scare you off, maybe Luka Dončić’s ride will, the guy knows what he is doing in his life, and his “tank” of a car proves it. Take a close look at the beast he came in the Mavericks matchup against the Hawks – 

This is the Apocalypse 6X6 model; with the name, you can already tell that it is a monster of a six-wheeler car that can run anything down. Don’t believe me? Here is a picture of the mammoth tires of this “bad boy”-

There have been a lot of exciting rides in the NBA before; however, only one match with Luka’s one, “Big Shirley,” owned by former league center Hassan Whiteside. Yet Dončić’s car has some unique features that make fans go bonkers. 

How did fans react to Luka Dončić and his car?

After seeing Luka’s car, Fans on Twitter could not believe their eyes. Some reactors became fans of Luka as his car represents his “go-getter” personality.

“Ok he’s my favorite player now WTFFFF,” a fan wrote. 

Another fan added, “Young goat !!!”

“That is not a tank it is actually a Jeep” a fan pointed out. 

Another fan of Luka wrote, “Luka is so cool, man and to top it all off he can dress and drive a car id drive in gta. This is why he’s the GOAT.”

Even though Dončić made a grand entrance into the arena, he could not help the Mavericks win the match. The Hawks won the game 122-130 and ensured the Dallas team maintained their losing streak- marking their third loss on the trot.


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