Watch: Mo Bamba-Austin Rivers brawl breaks out during Magic vs Timberwolves game

The Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Orlando Magic game at the Target Center last night produced a thrilling clash both on and off the court, resulting in a bizarre incident in which five players from both teams were ejected.

The magic defeated the host by 127–120, which produced heavy four-quarter rock and roll. The wolves started the game with a first-quarter lead, but they conceded a massive 22-point deficit in the next two quarters. Despite a 45-point quarter, the host could not retake the lead.

Aside from the rolling stone game, fans witnessed an odd altercation between Timberwolves’ Austin River and Magic’s Mohamed Bamba, which was sparked by a heated exchange of words.

What actually happened at the Target Center last night?

Mohamed Bamba got into an argument with the Wolves’ guard near the end of the third quarter at the Orlando Magic’s bench. and that heated argument escalated quickly as the two became physical and a fight broke out on the court.

Others instantly rushed towards them to break off the fight, but they were both invested in blowing each other out. After some serious tussling, the players and officials were finally able to separate the two enraged professionals.

The referee ejected both Bamba and Rivers along with the other three players from the game: Taurean Price and Jaden McDaniels from the Timberwolves and Jalen Suggs from the Magic. However, the adrenaline compelled them to row again, but they were forbidden to do so.

Whatever way the fight went, the Wolves became even more ferocious in the last quarter, but Magic’s huge lead let them pass the night as victorious.

The culprit duo of Bamba and Rivers played 21 and 10 minutes and scored 11 and 0 points with 4 and 0 rebounds and 2 and 1 assists, respectively.

After last night’s game, the Timberwolves are in the seventh seed in the Western Conference, while the Magic are in the 13th seed in the Eastern Conference.


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