Watch: Stephen A. Smith bursts into laughter calling out Michael Irvin for Cowboys’ ongoing struggle vs 49ers

ESPN’s commentator Stephen A. Smith has always been a consistent hater of the Dallas cowboys. Nothing brings him more pleasure than seeing this team lose. Smith constantly keeps criticizing the Cowboys on his social media and on television. This time he has outshone himself by dropping a reaction video after the Cowboys’ defeat against the 49ers where he called out Michael Irvin.

Smith, who remains the lead commentator on ESPN’s “First Take,” posted a video of himself to Twitter, laughing at Dallas’ latest postseason defeat. “What did I tell y’all? Didn’t I say, ‘Just be patient?’ That’s all I asked. That’s all I asked,” Smith said. “All I asked was for y’all to be patient. It was coming. It was coming.”

Smith then called out Michael Irvin, who had mentioned Dallas’ high-powered offense earlier in the show, and spoke about all of the team’s triumphs in 2022. Smith recalled Irvin’s praise for the Cowboys, concluding, “Well, what did you do tonight?”

The NFC championship game of 2023 will showcase the conference’s two best teams. The 49ers ensured it with a 19-12 divisional-round victory against the Cowboys on Sunday in Santa Clara, California It was a quality game of the great rivalry that preceded it, with both teams pushed by outstanding defenses. The 49ers were the more persistent of the two teams.

The 49ers (15-4) wore out the Cowboys (13-6) with back-to-back lengthy touchdown drives in the second half to win their 12th straight game. The Cowboys lost in the divisional stage for the seventh time in a row and have failed to reach the NFC final game since earning their fifth Super Bowl title following the 1995 season.


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