What happened between Logan and Jake? exploring Paul brother’s feud

The Paul brothers enjoy a healthy relationship that wasn’t the same in their past. Their brotherhood went through many ups and downs that eventually helped their relationship to get stronger with time. Now, it is pretty obvious as siblings share such a bond that has everything from sourness to sweetness.

So, let’s have a look at how their social media beef started and took an ugly turn in the eyes of the world.

What happened between Logan and Jake?

Both Logan and Jake Paul is a professional boxers who gained fame from the platform Vine. Then they pursued a YouTube career which also added more stardom to their fame. In the boxing era, this duo is the coolest sibling pair who is always at the center of attention.

The brothers came into a stressful moment after Logan reunited with his long-term enemy KSI, a professional boxer and a YouTuber. Logan’s rivalry started from their matches and surpassed the ring existing for nearly three years. Then over an interview, the duo came face to face and put an end to their feud cutting down years of negativity from the deepest corner of the heart.

Logan later posted a picture of him and KSI on his Instagram account and this is what stimulated the tension between the brothers as Jake started taunting him for his action. Jake shared the picture in his Instagram story adding this caption, “A picture of 2 guys who don’t want to fight me”.

At this, the elder brother replied to Jake that he wouldn’t fight him because of his blood relation with him. But if the situation demands it, then Logan wouldn’t say no to a fight with him.

Logan Paul claims he doesn't want to get in the ring with his brother Jake (Image via Instagram)

Fans went crazy over the ongoing duel between the brothers and many commented that they were just faking all this as the pair has their own PhD in Melodrama ahead of any match to gain more attention. Well, let us know what are your thoughts on the matter in the comment section below.

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