When Michael Jordan Reprimanded Reggie Miller for Trash-talking Jesus

In 2015, Reggie “Knick Killer” Miller appeared as a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and told an amazing tale about the time he attempted to denigrate Michael Jordan. Miller, a five-time All-Star and member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, started playing in the league in 1987.

He spoke in-depth about how his first encounter with “His Airness” went down. Miller was reportedly performing admirably when, with some encouragement from his teammate Chuck “The Rifleman” Person, he began disparaging Michael Jordan (MJ).

Once rookie Reggie Miller faced Michael Jordan in an exhibition

The illustrious Indiana Pacers stalwart remembered watching Jordan take part in a preseason game during his rookie season in 1987. Jordan, who was about to start his fourth season, had just had a season in which he averaged 37.1 points per contest. Reggie Miller chose to challenge basketball great Michael Jordan after succumbing to the lure.

“Chuck Person’s egging me on. ‘That’s Michael Jordan? Really? Look what you’re doing to him,'” stated Miller, who carried the discussion to Jordan walking into the changing room during the mid-game break. “‘You can walk on water? That’s what they say. This is Air Jordan?’ Miller, the 11th overall choice in the draft, was striving to prove himself.

“Mike’s going through motions. It’s an exhibition game, who cares,” Miller stated. “I’m going 130 mph because I’m trying to show my teammates, and I’m going against Michael Jordan.” In the first half, Miller scored more baskets than Jordan, and he was happy about it. “The Rifleman”, who never had a problem speaking to or about opponents, was also paid heed to.

Miller claims that he started “sledging” after scoring 10 points in the first half, compared to MJ’s four. Only, ultimately Miller finished with 12 and Jordan had a covetable score of 44.

Jordan clapped back at Miller for trash talking

Jordan schooled him that day and concluded it with a bit of sage advice, “You sure, be careful, you never talk to Black Jesus like that,” Jordan warned Miller. Miller claims that after the incident, he apologized and stopped calling Jordan names.

Michael Jordan

And now that you’ve heard that tale, you can definitely see why Miller thinks so highly of Jordan—especially when compared with Kobe ‘The 8th Wonder of the World’ Bryant. The narrative suggests that Miller’s interaction with Michael Jordan cemented his regard and devotion for the basketball legend, elevating ‘The Black Cat’ even above ‘The Black Mamba’.



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