Why Mavericks charged $750K? exploring biggest fines in NBA history

Dallas Mavericks is a prominent basketball team of the NBA that is currently operating under the ownership of Mark Cuban, a successful business investor. Since the team’s initiation in the 1980–81 season, it has surpassed many ups and downs in a row.

Currently, the team has one NBA Championship, two conference Championships, and four divisional titles under their possession. Recently, an unexpected action by the team sparked huge criticism from both the public and the NBA authority.

So, it is time to go deeper to find out more about why Mavericks had to pay fine money to NBA.

Why Mavericks charged $750K?

On April 7, during Mavericks’s match with the Chicago Bulls, they violated NBA’s player resting policy. The team kept almost all of their key players out of the game which drew the attention of the NBA authority and they charged Mavericks with $750K.

The Dallas team repeated the same action for the last two games of the season and loses the playoff which fans called a havoc end for the team. Furthermore, keeping star players out was entirely intentional for the team.

According to NBA rules, among playoff-losing teams, fourteen are selected. The team with the lowest existing record among the fourteen would get the chance to bag the highest draft pick of the following season. And this was the ultimate motive of the Mavericks behind their act of resting players; they wanted to snatch away the most talented player of the NBA draft to their home.

Which player got the single largest fine in NBA history?

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons occupies the place for the single largest fine in NBA history. The basketball player gave a no-show for four pre-season games and had to pay $1.4 million as a fine amount. But that’s not the end of the story, he missed several games afterward and had to pay $17 million to the team.

Fines aren’t an uncommon phenomenon in NBA history as both the teams and the players sometimes end up messing with the rules and regulations that lead to the wastage of their income in the name of the penalty.

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