“Will you marry me?” Shaquille O’Neal proposes to hip-hop artist following divorce from Shaunie

“Love life” is an amazing phase of everyone’s life. But partner over love is more important sometimes. Without a partner, people become alone which can be compared to a nightmare for a person. Recently, in search of a partner, Shaquille O’Neal has done something interesting, which has made people amazed.

Shaquille O’Neal, an NBA great and Hall of Famer, and his ex-wife Shaunie Henderson split up in 2011. The Big Diesel has chosen to avoid getting married since that time. The four-time NBA winner also made the decision to be single after seeing his ex-wife Shaunie get married to her new spouse, Keion Henderson, in the previous year. Nonetheless, despite being single for more than ten years, Shaq seemed eager to wed a certain woman.

In May 2022, Shaunie and Keion, who had fallen in love with one another, exchanged vows in a dreamy ceremony. Now, it appears that the 15-time All-Star is in fondness with a certain woman and has proposed to her for the wedding.

Gloria Hallelujah Woods, better known by her stage name GloRilla, a hip-hop musician from Memphis, accepted O’Neal’s wedding proposal in one of the most recent versions of “The Big Podcast with Shaq.”

During the show, one of the co-hosts, Nischelle Turner, invited the ex-Lakers sportsman to pick his favorite musicians from a list that included Lil Baby, DaBaby, Lil Durk, and GloRilla.

The 4 times NBA winner was asked to choose his favorite musician, but unexpectedly answered, “ GloRilla, will you marry me?” Turner responded, laughing., “I just saw your girl on the Grammy red carpet…she looked cute..she looked really nice.”

Shaq most likely proposed marriage as a joke. Everyone in the basketball community is aware that Big Diesel frequently makes these types of lighthearted comments in both the actual and virtual worlds, so he didn’t intend it honestly.

Shaq had previously proposed to the hip-hop singer, who was then 23 years old, for the wedding. The 15-time All-Star became viral online in December 2022 after proposing marriage to the Memphis-based singer.



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